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Soteria Technology specializes in bringing in safety maintenance equipment which safeguards medical, industrial and personal safety. With values rooted in the belief of workplace safety, we only provide trusty and effective products so that none of you or your workers will have to suffer preventable and tragic losses at work. We aim to be your place of trust and to see that all workplaces are as safe as it can ever be.

Soteria Technology is the authorized distributor for Honeywell Safety (PPE), King’s Safety Footwear and Spill Station Asia.  We also pride ourselves as a one-stop solutions provider and in providing innovative procurement for all aspects of your safety requirements. We can cater to sectors in Mining, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Electronics & Manufacturing, Aerospace & Aviation, and Construction.
Our long-term partnerships with our clients, suppliers and partners are a testament to our competitive edge and our commitment to the people behind our success.
Soteria Technology upholds strong ethics in the way we conduct our day-to-day business based on honesty, integrity, transparency, mutual respect, and fairness. Work safety and health (WSH) management are integral to our business, and we endeavour to ensure that our suppliers and business partners are aligned with our values.