Intelligent Hearing Protection and Communication System for Industry (Intrinsically Safe)


Key Features

Connect and protect: Life-critical communication and smart, verifiable hearing protection

For workers in high-noise environments, reliable communication and safety are life-critical necessities.

Workers need protection against damage to their hearing, and in high noise environments, noise-induced hearing loss can be a real problem. Protection alone is not enough. They also need to hear in that environment, to remain aware of their surroundings. And they need to be able to communicate clearly.

When a helicopter lands on an offshore platform, the noise level is so extreme that the number of landings per day is sometimes limited. At a steel forge, heavy-duty hammers, presses, and rollers can generate noise levels of 108 to 112 dBA. Yet while workers need protection from these dangerous noise levels, they also must remain connected to their surroundings.

Developed in conjunction with international energy company Statoil, QUIETPRO QP100Ex is the only intelligent hearing protection and communication system that provides smart personal hearing protection, verifiable personal noise exposure measurement, and the clearest communication throughout a full range of work environments.

QUIETPRO QP100Ex transforms a worker’s hearing and ability to communicate clearly from a point of vulnerability to a productivity advantage.

Personal real-time noise monitoring to prevent hearing loss. QUIETPRO QP100Ex uses patented in-ear dosimetry to measure every sound that reaches the user’s eardrum. Dramatically more precise than existing area or personal sampling devices, its in-ear dosimetry provides continuous monitoring of personal noise exposure, enabling safety managers and workers to address the potential of noise-induced hearing loss in real time. Audible and visual signals alert workers when they are approaching or have met their daily noise dose. Not only can this information prevent further occupational hearing loss, it can improve productivity by streamlining worker deployment, matching shift hours with permissible exposures more efficiently.

Clear communication even in rapidly changing, high noise environment. Connected to two-way com radios, QUIETPRO QP100Ex allows users to hear communications without compromising listening quality, even under high noise situations. It also enables users to speak at a normal level and be heard by the person on the other radio without picking up environmental noises – compressors or pumps in engine rooms, steel forging equipment, or draglines in surface mines – or compromising speech intelligibility.

Always listening, always on. QUIETPRO QP100Ex’s bionic hearing expands your workers’ personal situational awareness, understanding, and communication by adapting to changing noise levels. This allows your
workers to remain aware of their surroundings, assess rapidly changing environments and potential threats, and reduce further exposures to hazardous noise.

Intrinsically safe for potentially explosive environments. Developed in conjunction with Statoil on its offshore platforms, QUIETPRO QP100Ex is intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, and is ideal for Oil & Gas, Mining, Primary Metals, and Energy Production.

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas
  • Steel and Metals
  • Utilities
  • Welding


  • Noise



Howard Leight